Tennis real play

Jui Hsin Lai, Chieh Li Chen, Po Chen Wu, Chieh Chi Kao, Min-Chun Hu, Shao Yi Chien

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Tennis Real Play (TRP) is an interactive tennis game system constructed with models extracted from videos of real matches. The key techniques proposed for TRP include player modeling and video-based player/court rendering. For player model creation, we propose the process for database normalization and the behavioral transition model of tennis players, which might be a good alternative for motion capture in the conventional video games. For player/court rendering, we propose the framework for rendering vivid game characters and providing the real-time ability. We can say that image-based rendering leads to a more interactive and realistic rendering. Experiments show that video games with vivid viewing effects and characteristic players can be generated from match videos without much user intervention. Because the player model can adequately record the ability and condition of a player in the real world, it can then be used to roughly predict the results of real tennis matches in the next days. The results of a user study reveal that subjects like the increased interaction, immersive experience, and enjoyment from playing TRP.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
出版狀態Published - 2012 十二月 10

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