The 2 3Πg and 3 3Πg states of 7Li2: Optical-optical double resonance spectroscopy and ab initio calculations

A. Yiannopoulou, K. Urbanski, S. Antonova, A. M. Lyyra, Li Li, T. An, T. J. Whang, B. Ji, X. T. Wang, W. C. Stwalley, T. Leininger, G. H. Jeung

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The (2p + 2p) 2 3Πg and (2s + 3p) 3 3Πg states of 7Li2 have been studied both experimentally and theoretically. Vibrational levels v = 0-41 of the 2 3Πg state and v = 6-10 of the 3 3Πg state have been observed by perturbation facilitated optical-optical double resonance (PFOODR) spectroscopy. Our ab initio calculations show that the 2 3Πg state, although dissociating into 2p + 2p atomic limit, is a Rydberg state and strongly mixed with the (2s + 3p) 3 3Πg and (2s + 3d) 4 3Πg Rydberg states. Our theoretical calculations show good agreement with our experimental results.

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期刊The Journal of Chemical Physics
出版狀態Published - 1995

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