The absorption kinetics of NO in NaClO2/NaOH solutions

Hsin Chu, Tsung Wen Chien, Bour Wei Twu

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A combined wet scrubbing SOx/NOx removal system is an advanced air pollution control process. In this process, the mechanism of NO removal is relatively unknown. Consequently, absorption of NO by alkaline solutions of NaClO2 was studied to clarify the reaction kinetics. The experiments were carried out mainly at temperature 50°C which is the common operating temperature for wet scrubbers.The assumption that the absorption occurred under the fast pseudo-mth reaction regime was verified in the experiments. The absorption rate of NO into NaClO2 solutions was found to be proportional to PNO,02and[NaClO2]02. The addition of NaOH to solutions of NaClO2 decreased the absorption rate of NO. The absorption rate of NO at 25°C is lower than at 50°C. In the study, the absorption rate of NO did not change with changing gas flow rates.

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期刊Journal of Hazardous Materials
出版狀態Published - 2001 6月 29

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