The Binding of Abrin and Ricin by Ehrlich Ascites Tumor Cells

Jung Yaw Lin, Shyr Te Ju, Hua Lin Wu, Ta Cheng Tung

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Abrin and ricin cause 50% agglutination of Ehrlich ascites tumor cells (5*106/ml) at a concentration of 8 and 4 μg/ml, respectively. Addition of D-galactose or its derivatives, lactose or raffinose, inhibits the agglutinating activity of the toxic proteins. Binding of 13 I-toxic proteins on the tumor cells was shown to be specific, pH dependent, and concentration dependent. Native ricin, abrin, D-galactose, and its sterically related saccharides inhibit this specific binding, while concanavalin A, bovine serum albumin, heat-denatured abrin or ricin, and other saccharides do not. In the presence of D-galactose, the inhibition of protein biosynthesis by ricin does not occur in vitro.

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期刊Cancer Research
出版狀態Published - 1973 11月

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