The economic cost of heroin dependency and quality of life among heroin users in Taiwan

Shih Hsien Lin, Kao Chin Chen, Sheng Yu Lee, Chih Yin Hsiao, I. Hui Lee, Tzung Lieh Yeh, Po See Chen, Ru Band Lu, Yen Kuang Yang

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Heroin dependence may cause an economic burden and has an impact on quality of life (QOL). However, assessments of economic cost are scarce and the relationship between economic cost and QOL is unclear in the Asian population. In the present study, an established questionnaire was modified to assess the economic cost and its association with QOL. A total of 121 volunteer subjects in a methadone maintenance therapy programme and 157 normal controls were enrolled. The total economic cost of heroin dependency is US$ 18,310 per person-year. The direct cost is US$ 11,791 per person-year (64% of the total cost), mostly consisting of the cost of heroin and other illegal drugs. The indirect cost is US$ 6519 (36% of the total cost) per person-year, most of which arises from productivity loss caused by unemployment and incarceration. The QOL of heroin-dependent patients is poorer than that of healthy controls in all domains. The overall QOL is negatively related to direct cost and total cost. The economic cost of heroin dependency is huge, equal to 1.07 times the average gross domestic product per capita. Reduction of the economic cost to society and the economic burden for heroin users is important.

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期刊Psychiatry Research
出版狀態Published - 2013 10月 30

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