The feasibility of endovascular aortic repair strategy in treating infected aortic aneurysms

Chung Dann Kan, Hsu Ting Yen, Chung Ben Kan, Yu Jen Yang

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Open surgical treatment for an infected aortic aneurysm has a high rate of surgical morbidity and mortality and does not guarantee eradication of the infected nidus. The use of endovascular aortic repair (EVAR) might simplify the procedure and provide a good alternative for this critical condition, but this remains to be proved. This study assessed the efficacy and outcome of EVAR with an adjunctive antibiotic treatment strategy. We focused on the experiences and results of the management of infected aortic aneurysms with positive blood cultures. We drew the blood for culture study, immediately prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics, performed EVAR procedures, and followed this with sensitive antibiotics and adjunctive procedures. Twelve consecutive patients (mean age, 70 years) were included in this EVAR strategy. Three patients had thoracic, two thoracoabdominal, and the remaining seven had infected abdominal aneurysms. Ten Salmonella, one Staphylococcus, and one Streptococcus spp were identified. There was no hospital death. Three patients underwent computed tomography (CT)-guided drainage, and one underwent open laparotomy debridement. Mean follow-up was 24 months. One late death occurred but was unrelated to reinfection. All patients seemed well, with no evidence of EVAR graft infection at a mean follow-up of 23.6 months. This small multi-institutional study summarizing the experiences of patients with an infected aortic aneurysm managed by EVAR and an aggressive antibiotic strategy revealed that this EVAR strategy might be a suitable approach to treating this disease. These favorable results may be typical for Salmonella infection, which was present in most of the patients. Further experience is needed to assess whether this therapeutic strategy works equally well in aneurysm infection caused by other organisms.

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期刊Journal of Vascular Surgery
出版狀態Published - 2012 一月

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