The operations of quantum logic gates with pure and mixed initial states

Jun Liang Chen, Che Ming Li, Chi Chuan Hwang, Yi Hui Ho

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The implementations of quantum logic gates realized by the rovibrational states of a C12O16 molecule in the X(1Σ + electronic ground state are investigated. Optimal laser fields are obtained by using the modified multitarget optimal theory (MTOCT) which combines the maxima of the cost functional and the fidelity for state and quantum process. The projection operator technique together with modified MTOCT is used to get optimal laser fields. If initial states of the quantum gate are pure states, states at target time approach well to ideal target states. However, if the initial states are mixed states, the target states do not approach well to ideal ones. The process fidelity is introduced to investigate the reliability of the quantum gate operation driven by the optimal laser field. We found that the quantum gates operate reliably whether the initial states are pure or mixed.

期刊Journal of Chemical Physics
出版狀態Published - 2011 4月 7

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