The p-center flow-refueling facility location problem

Cheng Chang Lin, Chuan Chih Lin

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The p-center flow-refueling facility location problem locates p refueling facilities to minimize the maximum percentage deviation of all drivers. It is a social equity resource allocation model as opposed to a social efficiency p-maximum coverage flow-refueling model. We propose a nonlinear integer program based on link formulation and analyze its relationship with p-maximum coverage and set covering location flow-refueling problems. We develop a link-based implicit enumeration algorithm with an embedded vehicle range-constrained shortest path subproblem to optimally solve the problem. The computational results show that multiple optimal solutions may exist but that they are associated with different total trip distances. In addition, the maximum deviation may not decrease as the vehicle range or the number of refueling facilities marginally increases.

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期刊Transportation Research Part B: Methodological
出版狀態Published - 2018 十二月

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  • Civil and Structural Engineering
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