The plant organelles database 2 (PODB2): An updated resource containing movie data of plant organelle dynamics

Shoji Mano, Tomoki Miwa, Shuh Ichi Nishikawa, Tetsuro Mimura, Mikio Nishimura

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The Plant Organelles Database (PODB) was launched in 2006 and provides imaging data of plant organelles, protocols for plant organelle research and external links to relevant websites. To provide comprehensive information on plant organelle dynamics and accommodate movie files that contain time-lapse images and 3D structure rotations, PODB was updated to the next version, PODB2 ( PODB2 contains movie data submitted directly by plant researchers and can be freely downloaded. Through this organelle movie database, users can examine the dynamics of organelles of interest, including their movement, division, subcellular positioning and behavior, in response to external stimuli. In addition, the user interface for access and submission has been enhanced. PODB2 contains all of the information included in PODB, and the volume of data and protocols deposited in the PODB2 continues to grow steadily. Moreover, a new website, Plant Organelles World (, which is based on PODB2, was recently launched as an educational tool to engage members of the non-scientific community such as students and school teachers. Plant Organelles World is written in layman's terms, and technical terms were avoided where possible. We would appreciate contributions of data from all plant researchers to enhance the usefulness of PODB2 and Plant Organelles World.

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期刊Plant and Cell Physiology
出版狀態Published - 2011 2月

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