The production of hydro-processed renewable diesel over the nonsulfide catalyst

Jhe Kai Lin, Cheng Pao Lee, Hong Ping Lin, Elbert Halim, Wei Cheng Wang

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In this study, the main process involves the conversion of palm oil into hydro-processed renewable diesel (HRD) over a nonsulfide catalyst. First, catalysts with different supports (γ-Al2O3 and SAPO-11) and metals (Ni and Mo) are compared in experiments. The results showed that 8Ni-8Mo/γAl2O3 is the most suitable catalyst for HRD production, with the highest conversion and selectivity of 99.5% and 98.9%, respectively. The chemical kinetic reaction, conversion, and selectivity of the catalyst were analyzed through different temperatures, pressures, and H2-to-oil ratios to determine the optimal conditions. The regenerated catalyst through calcining showed well recovered structure and textural properties by using X-ray diffraction, thermal gravimetric analysis, Fourier transfer infrared spectroscopy, and N2 adsorption/desorption measurements. Last but not least, the fuel components and properties of HRD were determined, include 46.8 MJ/kg of heating value, distillation temperature of 306°C, 5°C of cloud point, 81.4 of cetane number, 204°C of auto-ignition temperature, 62°C of flash point, and 61.8 mm of smoke point, which meets the diesel specifications.

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期刊International Journal of Energy Research
出版狀態Published - 2021 10月 25

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