The research of a synchronized measurement system based on power line carrier communication

Rong Ching Wu, Kuan Ho Liu, Chin Chih Lai, Ting Chia Ou

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The paper utilizes the power line carrier to establish a synchronized measurement system. The system includes a host computer, an electrical detection module, a speed detection module, and a control module. Besides sending out the synchronous signal, the host computer also can command the control module to operate the electrical equipment, can collect measured waveforms from detection modules, and can analyze these data. The detection modules are a digital signal recorder, which can monitor realtime waveforms and send them to the host computer. The electrical-signal detection module can measure voltage and current waveforms, and the speed detection module can measure the speed waveform. The control module receives the command of the host computer via the power line carrier, and controls the electrical equipment. Detection and control modules are completed by the AVR chip and its peripheral for specific functions. The communication of the host computer and modules is accomplished by the power line carrier. Detection modules and control modules can be distributed in different regions, and run their functions simultaneously. In the factory, by simply being plugged in, the host computer can fully understand the system status, and remotely monitor and control the electrical equipment anywhere. This paper monitors the motor control works as the object of the application. It will verify that the system has practical applications with complete measurements, simple, easy provisioning and other features.

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期刊ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications
出版狀態Published - 2016 4月

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