The role development and future of dementia nurse specialists

Jing Jy Wang, Chun Hui Hsiao

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The impact of aging on society is comprehensive and profound. Dementia is a key representative disease/condition of aging societies. The complexity of the course, behavior, and psychiatric symptoms of this disease often burdens families and challenges professional caregivers. Thus, dementia is a growing problem in healthcare that cannot be ignored. As nurses are the healthcare professionals that are most frequently in contact with dementia patients and their families, they occupy a pivotal position in the dementia care team. The present study analyzes the current problems encountered in caring for dementia patients in different care settings, highlights the current difficulties encountered in dementia-care policy and practice in Taiwan, and reviews the development and role of clinical nurse specialists in dementia care in several developed countries. Finally, we propose relevant policy, practice, organizational, and future research recommendations. The content of this paper may be used as a reference for related policymaking and in the promotion of the advanced nursing care role in dementia care.

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期刊Journal of Nursing
出版狀態Published - 2015 十月 1

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