The search for higher Tc in Houston

C. W. Chu

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It is a great pleasure to be invited to join the chorus on this auspicious occasion to celebrate Professor K. Alex Mueller’s 90th birthday by Professors Annette Bussman-Holder, Hugo Keller, and Antonio Bianconi. As a student in high temperature superconductivity, I am forever grateful to Professor Alex Mueller and Dr. Georg Bednorz “for their important breakthrough in the discovery of superconductivity in the ceramic materials” in 1986 as described in the citation of their 1987 Nobel Prize in Physics. It is this breakthrough discovery that has ushered in the explosion of research activities in high temperature superconductivity (HTS) and has provided immense excitement in HTS science and technology in the ensuing decades till now. Alex has not been resting on his laurels and has continued to search for the origin of the unusual high temperature superconductivity in cuprates.

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