The Theory of SML Schema-Directed Query

Yao Chuan Tsai

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SML is a modeling language for the structured modeling framework, which represents the semantics as well as the mathematical structure of a model. This paper uses an SML approach to improve the object based universal relation data model. By this approach, both the relational structure of a database and the objects in relations are automatically derived by the associated SML schema. The interpretation part of an SML schema allows users to easily learn the meanings of the data before performing universal relation queries; the queries are then computed by using the automatically derived objects. With a goal of making queries simpler, this paper presents theories, table naming conventions, a confirmation approach, and a unified example illustrating many different concepts. It helps lay the foundation for the eventual development of a remarkably easy user interface for ad hoc query in computer-based modeling systems. We are hopeful that the results may in the future contribute to real applications in databases as well as in management science/operations research.

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期刊Annals of Operations Research
出版狀態Published - 2001

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  • 決策科學 (全部)
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