The transmittance and sheet resistance of chemically and heat reduced graphene oxide film

Chia Wei Chang, Min Hsiung Hon, Ing Chi Leu

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The graphene oxide (GO) sheets were prepared from Hummer’s method. The reduced process is important to graphene related materials for widely functional use in many photoelectric fields. Chemically and heat reduced treatment are carried out in this research and the electrical and optical properties of reduced GO films are measured. The size of GO sheets was examined by transmission electron microscopy with a size of about 5–6 µm. The chemically converted graphene (CCG) film are made by spin coating method. We used different GO concentration and different spin coating times to investigate the properties of graphene transparent conductive films. As the decrease of the GO concentration of solution and the times of spin coating, the transmittance is higher. The electrical property of the mixing of GO and CCG is more stable than the GO sheets only, this is discussed in this research and it is cause by the stacking condition of sheets. The conductivity of reduced graphene oxide film come from GO is lower than that come from CCG, we suppose that is because that the overlapping is less (i.e. film-forming ability) in the former, the transmittance and sheet resistance are 56 T% and 50 kohm/sq.

期刊Optical and Quantum Electronics
出版狀態Published - 2019 一月 1

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