The vibration and photoluminescence properties of one-dimensional ZnO nanowires

Hao Ying Lu, Sheng Yuan Chu, Sheng Hsien Cheng

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Under argon- and oxygen-mixed atmosphere, the vapor-liquid-solid method was introduced to fabricate the ZnO nanowires at 700-1000 °C. As grown on Au-coated Si substrate, the single-crystalline ZnO one-dimensional structure was obtained. From XRD patterns, the growth orientation of nanowires was 〈0 0 2〉 along the c-axis. Two emission bands were observed in PL spectra, one is UV emission at ∼380 nm and the other is a green emission at ∼500 nm. The oxygen vacancies were assigned to result in green emission and influenced the vibration energy. By means of annealing at oxygen atmosphere, the vacancies and residual stress were eliminated effectively. This phenomenon was evidenced by XRD patterns and Raman spectrum. Through this easy, rapid and low-cost method, the high-quality ZnO nanowires were obtained.

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期刊Journal of Crystal Growth
出版狀態Published - 2005 2月 1

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