Thermally developing forced convection for PCM suspensions in a circular duct

Jing Feng Lin, Ching-Jenq Ho

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The problem of thermally developing forced convection in a circular duct with finite heated length is examined for the latent heat transfer characteristics of solid-liquid phase change material suspension flow with the effect of axial conduction. A mixture continuum approach is adopted in the formulation of the energy equation with an approximate enthalpy model describing the phase-change process in the phase change material particles. The numerical results clearly reveal that the wall temperature at the iso-flux heated section as well as the bulk temperature of the suspension can be greatly suppressed as a result of latent heat absorption associated with melting progress of the PCM particles. Contributions of the sensible and latent heat transport to the total heat transfer rate of the suspension flow over the heated section were delineated quantitatively for various sets of the relevant dimensionless parameters including: the particle volumetric concentration, the modified Stefan number, and the Peclet number of suspending fluid.

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