Thermomechanical simulation of a radial forging process

A. A. Tseng, S. X. Tong, T. C. Chen, J. Hashemi

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The thermomechanical behaviour of a radial forging process has been investigated. The slab method was applied to study the mechanics of the process. A one-dimensional heat-transfer equation was used to predict the axial temperature distribution of the workpiece. The analysis has been computerized by taking into account the effects of strain, strain rate and temperature on the flow stress of the material being forged. A contact factor is formulated to consider the actual area of contact between the hammer dies and workpiece. An electrical analogy scheme has been developed to determine the thermal contact resistance which is needed in thermal study. The radial pressure, forging force, forging power and axial workpiece temperature were predicted for selected operating conditions. The model predictions were compared to the on-line measurement data. The comparison indicates that the computer model used in this study is sufficiently accurate for practical purposes.

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期刊Materials and Design
出版狀態Published - 1994

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