Thermomechanical stress fields in high-temperature fibrous composites. I: Unidirectional laminates

George J. Dvorak, Tungyang Chen, Jan Teply

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This two-part paper presents a closed-form procedure for evaluation of estimates of local thermomechanical stress fields in two-phase fibrous composites and laminates. The first part is concerned with a unidirectional elastic laminate subjected to uniform mechanical loads and to uniform changes in temperature. Both phases are assumed to be elastic, with temperature-dependent moduli and expansion coefficients; the solution reflects the influence of thermomechanical interactions. Exact solutions are not possible for any real system, because the local geometry is not known in detail. Instead, estimates of the fields are found from a modified Mori-Tanaka approximation. Examples are presented for two SiC/TiAlNb composites. Local stresses of interest are found after cooling from fabrication to room temperature. The presence of local yielding, and the influence of coupling terms on the local stress magnitudes are examined. Extension of the results to laminated plates is presented in Part II (Dvorak, G.J., Chen, T. & Teply, J., Composites Science and Technology, 43 (1992) 359-368, this issue).

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期刊Composites Science and Technology
出版狀態Published - 1992

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