Three control flow obfuscation methods for Java software

T. W. Hou, H. Y. Chen, M. H. Tsai

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Three novel control computation (control flow) obfuscation methods are described for protecting Java class files. They are basic block fission obfuscation, intersecting loop obfuscation and replacing goto obfuscation. The basic block fission obfuscation splits some chosen basic block(s) into more basic blocks, in which opaque predicates and goto instructions are inserted to make decompiling unsuccessful. The intersecting loop obfuscation intersects two loops and then adds this pattern into programs. The intersecting loop structure should not appear in a Java source program or a class file. The replacing goto obfuscation replaces goto instructions with conditional branch instructions. The new methods were tested against 16 decompilers. The study also implemented multi-level exit obfuscation and single-level exit obfuscation for comparison. Both the intersecting loop obfuscation and the replacing goto obfuscation successfully defeated all the decompilers.

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期刊IEE Proceedings: Software
出版狀態Published - 2006

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