Three-Dimensional Molybdenum Diselenide Helical Nanorod Arrays for High-Performance Aluminum-Ion Batteries

Yuanfei Ai, Shu Chi Wu, Kuangye Wang, Tzu Yi Yang, Mingjin Liu, Hsiang Ju Liao, Jiachen Sun, Jyun Hong Chen, Shin Yi Tang, Ding Chou Wu, Teng Yu Su, Yi Chung Wang, Hsuan Chu Chen, Shan Zhang, Wen Wu Liu, Yu Ze Chen, Ling Lee, Jr Hau He, Zhiming M. Wang, Yu Lun Chueh

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The rechargeable aluminum-ion battery (AIB) is a promising candidate for next-generation high-performance batteries, but its cathode materials require more development to improve their capacity and cycling life. We have demonstrated the growth of MoSe2 three-dimensional helical nanorod arrays on a polyimide substrate by the deposition of Mo helical nanorod arrays followed by a low-temperature plasma-assisted selenization process to form novel cathodes for AIBs. The binder-free 3D MoSe2-based AIB shows a high specific capacity of 753 mAh g-1 at a current density of 0.3 A g-1 and can maintain a high specific capacity of 138 mAh g-1 at a current density of 5 A g-1 with 10 »000 cycles. Ex situ Raman, XPS, and TEM characterization results of the electrodes under different states confirm the reversible alloying conversion and intercalation hybrid mechanism during the discharge and charge cycles. All possible chemical reactions were proposed by the electrochemical curves and characterization. Further exploratory works on interdigital flexible AIBs and stretchable AIBs were demonstrated, exhibiting a steady output capacity under different bending and stretching states. This method provides a controllable strategy for selenide nanostructure-based AIBs for use in future applications of energy-storage devices in flexible and wearable electronics.

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期刊ACS nano
出版狀態Published - 2020 七月 28

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