Time-dependent dynamic characteristics of model pile in saturated sand during soil liquefaction

Chia Han Chen, Yung Yen Ko, Cheng Hsing Chen, Tzou Shin Ueng

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In order to quantify the relation between soil stiffness and excess pore water pressure during liquefaction, the test data of a series of shaking table tests on model pile in saturated sand using a large biaxial laminar shear box conducted at the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering were analyzed. The pile tip was fixed at the bottom of the shear box to simulate the condition of a pile foundation embedded in a firm stratum. The pile head was mounted with steel disks to simulate the superstructure. In addition, strain gauges and mini-accelerometers were placed on the pile surface to obtain the response of the pile under shaking. Therefore, the model pile can be considered as a sensor to evaluate the changes of dynamic characteristics of soil-pile system during the shaking by using the time-frequency analysis and system identification technique. The results showed that the stiffness of the soil would increase with the dissipation of pore water pressure and the recovery of soil stiffness is directly related to the effective stress ratio of soil specimen.

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期刊Geotechnical Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2016 六月

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