Time-dependent poiseuille flows of an elasto-viscoplastic fluid with hypoplastic effects

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An evolution equation for the Cauchy stress tensor is proposed, taking into account the elastic, viscous and plastic characteristics of complex fluids. Hypoplasticity, in particular, is incorporated to model the plastic features. The model is applied to investigate time-dependent Poiseuille flows between two parallel plates to simulate non-Newtonian behavior of complex rheological fluids. Results show that while different degrees of elastic and viscous features can be indexed by varying the values of the model parameters, hypoplasticity is capable of simulating the plastic characteristics. The fluid tends to be divided into different parallel layers as hypoplastic effects enhance gradually. Applications of the model may be found in geomorphic fluid motions involved granular materials.

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期刊Journal of Mechanics
出版狀態Published - 2009 十二月

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