Timed-automata based method for synthesizing diagnostic tests in batch processes

Wei Chun Hsieh, Chuei Tin Chang

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Hardware failures are inevitable but random events in the useful life of any batch chemical plant. If these incidents are not efficiently diagnosed, the consequences can be very serious. In general, two design measures may be implemented offline to enhance the overall diagnostic performance, i.e., installing sensors and/or stipulating test plans for online implementations. Since the former has already been studied extensively, the present study focuses only upon the latter. In a recent work, Kang and Chang (2014) proposed an effective method to conjecture diagnostic tests using the untimed automata. However, due to a lack of time-tracking mechanisms, the failure-induced behaviours cannot always be characterized adequately with such models. A systematic procedure-synthesis strategy is therefore developed in the present study by making use of the timed automata and the model-checking capabilities of existing software, e.g., UPPAAL (Behrmann et al., 2006). All component models are first constructed, and all possible fault propagation scenarios and their observable event traces (OETs) are next enumerated exhaustively. The optimal test plan for every OET can then be established by generating the supervisory controller to improve diagnostic resolution. Extensive case studies have also been carried out in this work to confirm the validity and effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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期刊Computers and Chemical Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2016 一月 4

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