Timed PR-SCTP for fast voice/video over IP in wired/wireless environments

Bao Rong Chang, Chung Ping Young, Hsiu Fen Tsai, Ren Yang Fang

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IIn this paper, we have successfully implemented a seamless handoff between heterogeneous networks to achieve a fast voice/video over IP (V 2oIP) with Partially Reliable Stream Control Transport Protocol (PR-SCTP) instead of TCP or UDP. In order to improve real-time video/voice streaming over IP, the conventional framework IHU has been remodeled as a new framework called SCTP-IHU that can simultaneously resolve the crucial problems of head-of-line blocking, handoff interruption, and non-real-time transmission using multi-streaming, multi-homing, and partial reliability in PR-SCTP. Four types of handoff experiment, switching paths (a) from wired to wireless network, (b) from wireless to wired network, (c) between wired networks, and (d) between wireless networks, have been tested successfully for real-time V 2oIP within the smallest delay (1.5 sec) for any handoff, that is, so-called timed PR-SCTP. As a result, the scheme SCTP- IHU definitely realizes real-time streaming multimedia for voice/video over IP (V 2oIP) in parallel. With high throughput, low handoff delay, and minimum packet losses rate, our proposed approach outperforms the previous work TCP-based USHA scheme.

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期刊Journal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing
出版狀態Published - 2011 十月

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