Topology Optimization and Prototype of a Multimaterial-Like Compliant Finger by Varying the Infill Density in 3D Printing

Chih Hsing Liu, Yang Chen, Sy Yeu Yang

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This study presents a multimaterial topology optimization method for design of multimaterial compliant mechanisms. Traditionally, the objective function in topology optimization for design of structures is to minimize the strain energy (SE). For synthesis of compliant mechanisms, the objective function is usually to maximize the mutual potential energy (MPE). To design an adaptive compliant gripper for grasping size-varied objects, a multicriteria objective function considering both the SE and MPE at two different output ports is proposed in this study. In addition, based on the fact that different infill densities in three-dimensional (3D) printing leads to prototypes with different equivalent mechanical properties, this article proposes that a multimaterial design can be approximated by varying the values of infill densities in different portions of a 3D-printed component, which enables the multimaterial designs to be prototyped using the general low-cost, single-material fused deposition modeling 3D printing machines. The proposed method is used to design and prototype a bi-material compliant finger which is 3D printed using a flexible thermoplastic elastomer with infill densities of 30% and 100%. The experimental results demonstrate that the bi-material finger is a better design in terms of reducing the driving force while increasing the output displacement at the fingertip comparing to the single-material finger design with the same volume and weight. Furthermore, a two-finger gripper with two identical multimaterial-like compliant fingers is prototyped and installed on a six-axis industrial robot. The experimental tests are performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the presented design.

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期刊Soft Robotics
出版狀態Published - 2022 10月 1

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