Transient congenital complete heart block: A case report

Ying Tzu Ju, Yu Jen Wei, Ming Ling Hsieh, Jieh Neng Wang, Jing Ming Wu

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Congenital complete heart block is defined as a complete atrioventricular block occurring prenatally, at birth, or within the first month of life. Congenital complete heart block has a high mortality rate, and in infants with normal heart morphology, it is often associated with maternal connective tissue disease. In these latter cases, neonatal congenital complete heart block is usually irreversible. We present a rare case of a female neonate who had bradycardia noted at a gestational age of 37 weeks. Her mother had no autoimmune disease history. She had no structural heart disease, and the serology surveys for autoantibodies including SSA/Ro and SSB/La were all negative. Without intervention or medication, her congenital complete heart block completely recovered to a normal sinus rhythm within 5 days. The cause of the transient congenital complete heart block was unknown in this case.

出版狀態Published - 2021 9月

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