Transverse elasticity of rabbit sciatic nerves tested by in vitro compression

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The Young's modulus of a rabbit sciatic nerve under stepwise in vitro linear compression test was estimated. Segments of rabbit sciatic nerves were compressed in the transverse direction with a custom-made parallel compression apparatus. Digital images of the cross-sectional face were taken simultaneously by using a camera mounted on a microscope. The applied force and the gap between the parallel plates of the compression apparatus were measured. Digitized images of the nerve crosssections were used to construct two-dimensional models of the nerves. The parallel compression results showed that the mean Young's modulus of rabbit sciatic nerves was 41.6±5.0 kPa. By direct visual inspection and by comparing the finite element model simulation results and experimental data, we may suggest that the large fascicle is the main load-bearing component while the small fascicle and the loose connective tissues like the epineurium bear less load in the parallel compression process.

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