Tricks and tracks in waste management with a special focus on municipal landfill leachate: Leads and obstacles

Swayansu Sabyasachi Mohanty, Shaili Vyas, Yamini Koul, Priya Prajapati, Sunita Varjani, Jo Shu Chang, Muhammad Bilal, Konstantinos Moustakas, Pau Loke Show, Meththika Vithanage

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Landfilling is the most widely used disposal method for municipal solid waste around the world. The main disadvantage of this strategy is formation of leachate, among other aspects. Landfill leachate contains highly toxic and bio-refractory substances that are detrimental to the environment and human health. Hence, the risk(s) of discharging potentially harmful landfill leachate into the environment need to be assessed and measured in order to make effective choices about landfill leachate management and treatment. In view of this, the present review aims to investigate (a) how landfill leachate is perceived as an emerging concern, and (b) the stakeholders' mid- to long-term policy priorities for implementing technological and integrative solutions to reduce the harmful effects of landfill leachate. Because traditional methods alone have been reported ineffective, and in response to emerging contaminants and stringent regulations, new effective and integrated leachate treatments have been developed. This study gives a forward-thinking of the accomplishments and challenges in landfill leachate treatment during the last decade. It also provides a comprehensive compilation of the formation and characterization of landfill leachate, the geo-environmental challenges that it raises, as well as the resource recovery and industrial linkage associated with it in order to provide an insight into its sustainable management.

期刊Science of the Total Environment
出版狀態Published - 2023 2月 20

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  • 廢物管理和處置
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