Trifascicular block with intermittent complete atrioventricular block in a child

Jing Ming Wu, Jieh Neng Wang, Chia Shiang Lin, Wen Li Lee

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Trifascicular block, which consists of impaired conduction in the three main fascicles of the ventricular conduction system, may progress to high-grade or complete atrioventricular block. It rarely occurs in children with a structurally normal heart. We report a case of trifascicular block in a previously healthy 9- year-old girl. The patient presented wit repetitive seizures. The electrocardiogram showed a complete right bundle branch block, left axis deviation, PR interval prolongation, and intermittent high- degree and complete atrioventricular block. She was successfully treated with a temporary peacemaker and her electrocardiogram returned to a normal sinus rhythm in 3 days. She has remained well over a 4-year follow-up. Although her cardiac enzyme levels were normal, the clinical course and electrocardiography findings suggested myocarditis. We emphasize the diagnosis of trifascicular block using electrocardiography; clinical outcome is good, if the patient is managed properly.

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期刊Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
出版狀態Published - 1997 11月 1

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