Twain: Two-end association miner with precise frequent exhibition periods

Jen Wei Huang, Bi Ru Dai, Ming Syan Chen

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We investigate the general model of mining associations in a temporal database, where the exhibition periods of items are allowed to be different from one to another. The database is divided into partitions according to the time granularity imposed. Such temporal association rules allow us to observe short-term but interesting patterns that are absent when the whole range of the database is evaluated altogether. Prior work may omit some temporal association rules and thus have limited practicability. To remedy this and to give more precise frequent exhibition periods of frequent temporal itemsets, we devise an efficient algorithm Twain (standing for TWo end AssocIation miNer.) Twain not only generates frequent patterns with more precise frequent exhibition periods, but also discovers more interesting frequent patterns. Twain employs Start time and End time of each item to provide precise frequent exhibition period while progressively handling itemsets from one partition to another. Along with one scan of the database, Twain can generate frequent 2-itemsets directly according to the cumulative filtering threshold. Then, Twain adopts the scan reduction technique to generate all frequent k-itemsets (k > 2) from the generated frequent 2-itemsets. Theoretical properties of Twain are derived as well in this article. The experimental results show that Twain outperforms the prior works in the quality of frequent patterns, execution time, I/O cost, CPU overhead and scalability.

期刊ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data
出版狀態Published - 2007 八月 1

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