Twisted oxide lateral homostructures with conjunction tunability

Ping Chun Wu, Chia Chun Wei, Qilan Zhong, Sheng Zhu Ho, Yi De Liou, Yu Chen Liu, Chun Chien Chiu, Wen Yen Tzeng, Kuo En Chang, Yao Wen Chang, Junding Zheng, Chun Fu Chang, Chien Ming Tu, Tse Ming Chen, Chih Wei Luo, Rong Huang, Chun Gang Duan, Yi Chun Chen, Chang Yang Kuo, Jan Chi Yang

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Epitaxial growth is of significant importance over the past decades, given it has been the key process of modern technology for delivering high-quality thin films. For conventional heteroepitaxy, the selection of proper single crystal substrates not only facilitates the integration of different materials but also fulfills interface and strain engineering upon a wide spectrum of functionalities. Nevertheless, the lattice structure, regularity and crystalline orientation are determined once a specific substrate is chosen. Here, we reveal the growth of twisted oxide lateral homostructure with controllable in-plane conjunctions. The twisted lateral homostructures with atomically sharp interfaces can be composed of epitaxial “blocks” with different crystalline orientations, ferroic orders and phases. We further demonstrate that this approach is universal for fabricating various complex systems, in which the unconventional physical properties can be artificially manipulated. Our results establish an efficient pathway towards twisted lateral homostructures, adding additional degrees of freedom to design epitaxial films.

期刊Nature communications
出版狀態Published - 2022 12月

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