Ultracompact Pseudowedge Plasmonic Lasers and Laser Arrays

Yu Hsun Chou, Kuo Bin Hong, Chun Tse Chang, Tsu Chi Chang, Zhen Ting Huang, Pi Ju Cheng, Jhen Hong Yang, Meng Hsien Lin, Tzy Rong Lin, Kuo Ping Chen, Shangjr Gwo, Tien Chang Lu

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Concentrating light at the deep subwavelength scale by utilizing plasmonic effects has been reported in various optoelectronic devices with intriguing phenomena and functionality. Plasmonic waveguides with a planar structure exhibit a two-dimensional degree of freedom for the surface plasmon; the degree of freedom can be further reduced by utilizing metallic nanostructures or nanoparticles for surface plasmon resonance. Reduction leads to different lightwave confinement capabilities, which can be utilized to construct plasmonic nanolaser cavities. However, most theoretical and experimental research efforts have focused on planar surface plasmon polariton (SPP) nanolasers. In this study, we combined nanometallic structures intersecting with ZnO nanowires and realized the first laser emission based on pseudowedge SPP waveguides. Relative to current plasmonic nanolasers, the pseudowedge plasmonic lasers reported in our study exhibit extremely small mode volumes, high group indices, high spontaneous emission factors, and high Purell factors beneficial for the strong interaction between light and matter. Furthermore, we demonstrated that compact plasmonic laser arrays can be constructed, which could benefit integrated plasmonic circuits.

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期刊Nano letters
出版狀態Published - 2018 二月 14

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