Ultrasonographic Diagnosis and Treatment of a Giant Uterine Cervical Nabothian Cyst

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Uterine cervical Nabothian cysts are common gynecological diseases in women of reproductive age. Although Nabothian cysts are generally small and asymptomatic, giant Nabothian cysts are extremely rare and may be misdiagnosed as other uterine tumors, or even malignancy. Here, we report a case of a giant (8 cm × 6.5 cm) Nabothian cyst, which was suspected as malignant after computed tomography scanning at another hospital. The patient was referred to our clinic for hysterectomy. In our clinic, the cyst was correctly diagnosed as a giant Nabothian cyst by pelvic examination and ultrasonography before surgery. The patient was then successfully treated with local excision and simple drainage vaginally, without planned hysterectomy. From this case, we recommend giant Nabothian cysts should be taken into consideration for differential diagnosis of cervical tumors. Ultrasonography is of value for the diagnosis of giant Nabothian cysts.

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期刊Journal of Medical Ultrasound
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