Unusual crystallization and melting processes of an optically active polyolefin: Isotacticpoly((s)-4-methyl-hexene-1)

Annamaria Buono, Jrjeng Ruan, Annette Thierry, Peter Neuenschwander, Bernard Lotz

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Polyolefins that bear a chiral side chain (typically an isobutyl group) experience a so-called macromolecular amplification of chirality: the chiral side-chain induces a slight preference for either tg or tg- main chain conformation. This slight conformational bias is amplified cooperatively along the chain, and results in preferred chirality of the main chain helical conformations. As a result, these polymers display a liquid-crystal (LC) phase both in solution and, in the melt as a transient phase on the way to crystallization. The existence of two processes (melt-LC and LC-crystal transitions) results in unconventional behaviors that were first analyzed by Pino and collaborators back in 1975. These polymers also offer a means to test the structural consequences of recently introduced crystallization schemes. These schemes postulate the formation of a transient liquid-crystal phase as a general scheme for polymer crystallization.

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期刊Chinese Journal of Polymer Science (English Edition)
出版狀態Published - 2005 3月

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