Unusual Supernumerary Teeth and Treatment Outcomes Analyzed for Developing Improved Diagnosis and Management Plans

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Purpose: Supernumerary teeth (SNTs) are teeth or tooth-like structures that have erupted or might erupt in addition to the 20 primary or 32 permanent teeth. The simultaneous presentation of multiple SNTs, syndrome-related multiple SNTs, SNTs inside the maxillary sinus and treatment outcomes were analyzed to develop improved diagnosis and management plans. Patients and Methods: This retrospective study reviewed the medical records of National Cheng Kung University Hospital patients who had undergone surgical intervention with general anesthesia between February 2014 and September 2018; analyzed panoramic radiographs and cone beam computed tomography scans of their multiple SNTs; and used descriptive statistics to discuss treatments and relative complications, especially of unusual SNTs. Results: The records of 165 patients (127 male and 38 female patients; mean age, 12.4 years) with 241 SNTs (120 patients had 1 SNT, 35 had 2 SNTs, 3 had 3 SNTs, 2 had 4 SNTs, 2 had 5 SNTs, 2 had 6 SNTs, and 1 had 12 SNTs) were reviewed. There were 185 SNTs in the maxilla and 56 in the mandible; 153 were mesiodens and 115 were inverted; 142 were asymptomatic and 137 were conical; and 228 were fully impacted and 210 were partial roots. Two patients had SNTs inside the maxillary sinus, and one had 5 SNTs and Marfan syndrome. Two patients had postoperative lip or chin paresthesia, and two had postoperative sinusitis. Conclusions: Patient demographic variables provided useful epidemiologic information. We recommend panoramic radiographs or cone beam computed tomography for managing patients with possible multiple SNTs and for extracting SNTs.

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