Use of multi-lexicons to analyse semantic features for summarization of touring reviews

Hei Chia Wang, Yu Hung Chiang, Yi Feng Sun

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Purpose: This paper aims to improve a sentiment analysis (SA) system to help users (i.e. customers or hotel managers) understand hotel evaluations. There are three main purposes in this paper: designing an unsupervised method for extracting online Chinese features and opinion pairs, distinguishing different intensities of polarity in opinion words and examining the changes in polarity in the time series. Design/methodology/approach: In this paper, a review analysis system is proposed to automatically capture feature opinions experienced by other tourists presented in the review documents. In the system, a feature-level SA is designed to determine the polarity of these features. Moreover, an unsupervised method using a part-of-speech pattern clarification query and multi-lexicons SA to summarize all Chinese reviews is adopted. Findings: The authors expect this method to help travellers search for what they want and make decisions more efficiently. The experimental results show the F-measure of the proposed method to be 0.628. It thus outperforms the methods used in previous studies. Originality/value: The study is useful for travellers who want to quickly retrieve and summarize helpful information from the pool of messy hotel reviews. Meanwhile, the system will assist hotel managers to comprehensively understand service qualities with which guests are satisfied or dissatisfied.

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期刊Electronic Library
出版狀態Published - 2019 五月 15

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