Using an Internal Joint Stabilizer Through a Single Posterior Approach for Elderly Patients With Terrible Triad Injury

Yen Chun Chiu, Chin Hsien Wu, Kun Ling Tsai, I. Ming Jou, Yuan Kun Tu, Ching Hou Ma

研究成果: Article同行評審


Introduction: Treating a terrible triad injury of the elbow remains a challenge for orthopedic surgeons, especially in elderly patients due to the poor quality of the surrounding soft tissue and bony structures. In the present study, we propose a treatment protocol using an internal joint stabilizer through a single posterior approach and analyze the clinical results. Materials and Methods: We retrospectively reviewed 15 elderly patients with terrible triad injuries of the elbow who underwent our treatment protocol from January 2015 to December 2020. The surgery involved a posterior approach, identification of the ulnar nerve, bone and ligament reconstruction, and the application of the internal joint stabilizer. A rehabilitation program was initiated immediately after the operation. Surgery-related complications, elbow range of motion (ROM), and functional outcomes were evaluated. Results: The mean follow-up period was 21.7 months (range, 16-36 months). ROM at the final follow-up was 130° in extension to flexion and 164° in pronation to supination. The mean Mayo Elbow Performance Score was 94 at the final follow-up. Major complications included breaking of the internal joint stabilizer in 2 patients, transient numbness over the ulnar nerve territory in one, and local infection due to irritation of the internal joint stabilizer in one. Conclusions: Although the current study involved only a small number of patients and the protocol comprised two stages of operation, we believe that such a technique may be a valuable alternative for the treatment of these difficult cases. Level of Clinical Evidence: 4.

期刊Geriatric Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation
出版狀態Published - 2023 1月 1

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  • 手術
  • 骨科和運動醫學
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  • 老年病學和老年學


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