Using non-equigap grey model for small data set forecasting - A color filter manufacturing example

Der Chiang Li, Che Jung Chang, Chien Chih Chen, Chia Sheng Chen

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An important issue faced by enterprises is how to control manufacturing system effectively; particularly in the early stage of a manufacturing system. However, the data acquired in this stage is only finite, which makes traditional forecasting methods unable to be presented ideally. The grey theory with its feature of limited sample modeling and its advantage in short-term forecasting is exactly one of the solutions desired. With the actual experiment of color filter manufacturing data, the forecasting effect of non-equigap model based on the grey theory is employed here, which implies the grey approach is a proper tool to deal with the problem of forecasting small data sets. Therefore, the grey model is considered having the critical value of practical applications.

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期刊Journal of Grey System
出版狀態Published - 2010 十二月 1


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