Valley splitter and transverse valley focusing in twisted bilayer graphene

Christophe De Beule, Peter G. Silvestrov, Ming Hao Liu, Patrik Recher

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We study transport in twisted bilayer graphene and show that electrostatic barriers can act as valley splitters, where electrons from the K (K′) valley are transmitted only to, e.g., the top (bottom) layer, leading to valley-layer locked currents. We show that such a valley splitter is obtained when the barrier varies slowly on the moiré scale and induces a Lifshitz transition across the junction, i.e., a change in the Fermi-surface topology. Furthermore, we show that for a given valley the reflected and transmitted current are transversely deflected, as time-reversal symmetry is effectively broken in each valley separately, resulting in valley-selective transverse focusing at zero magnetic field.

期刊Physical Review Research
出版狀態Published - 2020 10月 28

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