VERTAF/Multi-Core: A sysml-based application framework for multi-core embedded software development

Chao Sheng Lin, Pao Ann Hsiung, Shang Wei Lin, Yean Ru Chen, Chun Hsien Lu, Sheng Ya Tong, Wan Ting Su, Chihhsiong Shih, Nien Lin Hsueh, Chih Hung Chang, Chorng Shiuh Koong

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Multi-core processors are becoming prevalent rapidly in personal computing and embedded systems. Nevertheless, the programming environment for multi-core processor based systems is still quite immature and lacks efficient tools. In this paper, we present a new VERTAF/Multi-Core framework and show how software code can be automatically generated from SysML models of multi-core embedded systems. We illustrate how model-driven design based on SysML can be seamlessly integrated with Intel's threading building blocks (TBB) and the Quantum Platform middleware. We use a digital video recording system to illustrate the benefits of the framework. Our experiments show how SysML/QF/TBB help in making the multi-core embedded system programming model-driven, easy, efficient, and effortless.

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