VERTAF/multi-core: A SysML-based application framework for multi-core embedded software development

Chao Sheng Lin, Chun Hsien Lu, Shang Wei Lin, Yean Ru Chen, Pao Ann Hsiung

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Multi-core processors are becoming prevalent rapidly in personal computing and embedded systems. Nevertheless, the programming environment for multi-core processor-based systems is still quite immature and lacks efficient tools. In this work, we present a new VERTAF/Multi-Core framework and show how software code can be automatically generated from SysML models of multi-core embedded systems. We illustrate how model-driven design based on SysML can be seamlessly integrated with Intel's threading building blocks (TBB) and the quantum framework (QF) middleware. We use a digital video recording system to illustrate the benefits of the framework. Our experiments show how SysML/QF/TBB help in making multi-core embedded system programming model-driven, easy, and efficient.

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期刊Journal of Computer Science and Technology
出版狀態Published - 2011 5月

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