Vertical graphene-base hot-electron transistor

Caifu Zeng, Emil B. Song, Minsheng Wang, Sejoon Lee, Carlos M. Torres, Jianshi Tang, Bruce H. Weiller, Kang L. Wang

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We demonstrate vertical graphene-base hot-electron transistors (GB-HETs) with a variety of structures and material parameters. Our GB-HETs exhibit a current saturation with a high current on-off ratio (>105), which results from both the vertical transport of hot electrons across the ultrathin graphene base and the filtering of hot electrons through a built-in energy barrier. The influences of the materials and their thicknesses used for the tunneling and filtering barriers on the common-base current gain α are studied. The optimization of the SiO2 thickness and using HfO 2 as the filtering barrier significantly improves the common-base current gain α by more than 2 orders of magnitude. The results demonstrate that GB-HETs have a great potential for high-frequency, high-speed, and high-density integrated circuits.

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期刊Nano letters
出版狀態Published - 2013 六月 12

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