VGCF/carbon composites for thermal management

Max L. Lake, Jyh-Ming Ting, Bela Nagy

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VGCF/Carbon composites have been shown to demonstrate high thermal conductivity, comparable to that of CVD diamond, implying utility in high performance electronic packaging. VGCF/carbon composites are unlike diamond in that, typical of most fiber reinforced composites, designed physical properties are incorporated into the composite through fiber architecture. Thermal performance for die cooling is frequently determined by the thermal impedance of the package, measured from the junction to ambient, φja, or jucntion to case, φjc. This paper reports the results of this test on VGCF/carbon composites with a 1D architecture.

期刊SAE Technical Papers
出版狀態Published - 1999 一月 1
事件Aerospace Power Systems Conference - Mesa, AZ, United States
持續時間: 1999 四月 61999 四月 8

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  • 汽車工程
  • 安全、風險、可靠性和品質
  • 污染
  • 工業與製造工程


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