Vibration analysis of composite wing structures by a matrix form comprehensive model

Chyanbin Hwu, H. S. Gai

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A dynamic model for stiffened composite multicell wing structures is developed. In this model, the extensional, bending, and coupling stiffnesses are calculated not only from the properties of the composite laminates of the wing skin but also from the stringers and spar flanges, which are treated as fibers of a pseudolamina. The arrangement of the wing spar webs and ribs is then treated like a sandwich honeycomb core, from which an equivalent transverse shear modulus of the wing structures is calculated. With these estimated properties, the composite wing structure is modeled, incorporating the effects of bending-torsion coupling, warping restraint, transverse shear deformation, shape of airfoil, rotary inertia, etc. To avoid complexity of formulation, the matrix form representation is introduced, which then makes most of the equations for the vibration analysis bear the same form as those of the classical beam theory. Thus, by following the classical approach, the composite wing structures can be studied analytically.

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期刊AIAA journal
出版狀態Published - 2003 十一月

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