Vibrational spectra of hydrogen atoms adsorbed on MBE-grown GaAs(100)

David M. Joseph, Robert F. Hicks, Larry P. Sadwick, Kang L. Wang

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Internal reflection infrared spectroscopy was used for the first time to observe the vibrational spectrum of H atoms adsorbed on GaAs(100) surfaces grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Initial H atom exposure produces one peak at 2100 cm-1 due to an arsenic hydride species. With prolonged exposure, the 2100 cm-1 vibration disappears and a second one appears at 2140 cm-1 due to arsenic monohydride. Thus, for MBE-grown GaAs(100) only arsenic is accessible to the H atoms, and adsorption of H causes a change in the surface structure.

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期刊Surface Science
出版狀態Published - 1988 十月 1

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