Visualized representation of visual search patterns for a visuospatial attention test

Ho Chuan Huang, Tsui-Ying Wang

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Cancellation tests have been widely used in clinical practice and in research to evaluate visuospatial attention, visual scanning patterns, and neglect problems. The aim of the present work is to present a visualized interface for the visuospatial attentional assessment system that can be employed to monitor and analyze attention performance and the search strategies used during visuospatial processing of target cancellation. We introduce a pattern identification mechanism for visual search patterns and report our findings from examining the visual search performance and patterns. We also present a comparison of results across various cancellation tests and age groups. The present study demonstrates that our system can obtain more processing data about spatiotemporal features of visual search than can conventional tests.

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期刊Behavior Research Methods
出版狀態Published - 2008 五月 1

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