Vortex instability of MHD natural convection flow over a horizontal plate in a porous medium

Jiin Yuh Jang, Chung Ting Hsu

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The present work investigates the vortex instability of a horizontal MHD natural convection boundary layer flow in a saturated porous medium including the radiation effect. The numerical results are solves by Keller-Box method incorporated with linear stability theory. The velocity and temperature profiles, local Nusselt number, as well as instability parameters for magnetic parameter M ranging from 0 to 2 and radiation parameter R ranging from 0 to 0.03 are presented. Numerical results showed that, as magnetic parameter M increases or radiation parameter R decreases, the heat transfer rate decrease. In addition, the magnetic effect destabilizes the flow to vortex mode of disturbance, while the radiation effect stabilizes it.

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期刊Computers and Fluids
出版狀態Published - 2009 二月 1


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