Wind loads on a solar PV panel with side plates

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This study determines the lift force on a tilted solar PV panel with/without side plates (upward and downward types). The tilt angles are 15° and 30° and the wind incidence is at an angle of 0-180° (in increments of 15°). Measurements of mean surface pressure are conducted in a closed-loop wind tunnel. The corner vortices are lessened with the presence of upward or downward side plates for the wind angle of incidence of 0°. The mean surface pressure on the lower surface with downward side plates is more positive (greater wind loads). With upward side plates, there is less suction on the upper surface near the windward corner for the wind angle of incidence from 15° to 60°, resulting in significantly reduced wind loads.

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期刊Journal of Mechanics
出版狀態Published - 2021

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