Winding Pattern Planning and Control of a Filament Winding Machine for Gas-Cylinders

Chieh Li Chen, Li Hsuan Chen, Her Terng Yau

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Filament winding reinforcement is often applied to fulfill high-pressure resistance and is lightweight for gas cylinder productions. This article analyzes the winding pattern and the corresponding characteristics for filament winding cylinders based on the resulting thickness and strength such that the gas cylinders can be made as light as possible. In order to prevent the sliding between the filament material and the cylinder surface during the winding process, a range of winding angles that do not exceed the maximum static friction at every instant is adopted. The gas cylinder geometric structure formed by a complete round of winding using different winding angles is calculated to find the winding pattern that consumes the least composite filament. The winding pattern can also be determined before production to reduce the cost and time for customized products. By sequential contact points of the winding process, motion planning can be carried out for a four-axis filament winding machine.

出版狀態Published - 2023 6月

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  • 控制與系統工程
  • 電腦科學(雜項)
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